Our Story

At Loop Clothing NYC, we believe in the transformative power of a positive mindset to reshape lives. Our journey began with a simple yet profound realization: clothing can be more than just fabric. It can be a beacon of hope, a catalyst for change, and a symbol of relentless optimism.

Our founder, Mike, knows firsthand the profound impact of positivity. After overcoming significant personal challenges, Mike discovered that a positive outlook can turn obstacles into opportunities and dreams into reality. Inspired by this revelation, he set out to create a brand that would do more than just dress people – it would inspire them.

From the beginning, Mike's vision for Loop Clothing NYC was clear: to ignite a transformative journey in every individual and organization we touch. We don't just sell t-shirts; we offer keys to unlock untapped potential. Each piece of our motivational apparel is designed to serve as a daily reminder that you can achieve greatness, no matter the odds.

Our mission goes beyond fashion. With the creation of the LOOP Assessment, we provide a unique tool that guides personal and professional growth. This assessment helps individuals and teams identify their strengths, uncover areas for improvement, and set a clear path towards their goals. It's not just about evaluating skills – it's about inspiring the heart and elevating the spirit.

At Loop Clothing NYC, we are committed to guiding you towards becoming your most extraordinary self. We believe in fostering team unity and cultivating a culture of relentless optimism and possibility. Every garment we design and every assessment we offer is crafted with intention and passion, aiming to inspire and empower you.

Imagine waking up each day, putting on a t-shirt that not only fits perfectly but also lifts your spirits and reminds you of your limitless potential. Picture yourself taking the LOOP Assessment and discovering insights that propel you towards your dreams. This is what we strive to provide – tools and inspiration to help you embrace challenges with confidence and seize opportunities with enthusiasm.

Mike's journey from adversity to triumph is the heartbeat of Loop Clothing NYC. His story is a testament to the power of a positive mindset and the belief that with the right support, anyone can achieve their dreams. At Loop Clothing NYC, we are here to walk alongside you on your journey, to cheer you on, and to remind you that you are capable of extraordinary things.

Join us at Loop Clothing NYC and be part of a movement that celebrates growth, unity, and the endless possibilities that come with a positive mindset. Together, we can reshape lives, one t-shirt at a time. Let us inspire you to reach new heights and become the best version of yourself. Because with Loop Clothing NYC, the journey to greatness is always within reach.